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Annual Report 2018
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Road Sector Performance

Roads Planning & Design Directorate

Performance 2018

  • Major Transport Studies:
    • Upgrading and improvements of a number of strategic roads such as Al Fateh Highway, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Subah Highway, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway, Sheikh Zayed Road, Busaiteen Link, Bahrain International Airport (BIA), Bahrain Gas Junction and other projects.
    • Letter of Award issued for the Preferred Bidder East Hidd Housing Access Improvement Design & Supervision Consultancy.
    • Preparing the Terms of Reference for Design Consultancy Services the new sport city at Sakhair.
    • Cooperate with the Ministry of Transport in studying the improvement of public transport, Light Rail Transit and GCC Railway Projects.

  • Traffic Impact Assessment Studies:
    In cooperation with Urban Planning and Development Authority, the Directorate has studied 41 applications to assess the traffic impacts of current and future traffic on a number of investment and government projects in the Kingdom, including New International Stadium, Marrasi Al Bahrain Mall, NPRA Complex, Mondelez Project etc.

  • In the year 2018 The directorate received, Studied, and issued over a 1080 request which were applied online through the ministry website. More Than 370 request were studied and replied through Public Complains/Request system. Although RPDD has issued a 3778 building permit through the year 2018.

  • RPDD completed and handover the design of 46 opening of Roads projects with a total cost of 3.1 Million Dinars. These projects are initiated in order to connect the unpaved roads to the roads network in the kingdom of Bahrain.

  • This year alone the directorate managed to finish/handover the design of more than 20 major schemes costing about BD 16.50 million to the Roads projects and Maintenance Directorate of the Ministry of Works for implementation.

  • Under HRH, the Crown prince Initiative a number of urgent projects are identified throughout the Kingdom to provide immediate relief to traffic at highly congested locations. RPDD lead the Ministry of Works effort to accomplish this initiative (Quick Win Projects) in-house on priority basis. And 15 Quick Win Projects costing about BD 5.910 million were completed/ handover to the Roads projects and Maintenance Directorate of the Ministry of Works for implementation.

  • RPDD this year has done Design Supervision of at least four big road projects including North Manama Causeway Phase 2 & Busaiteen link (BD 321.0 million) and Widening & Upgrading of Shaikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah (SJAS) Highway to motor way standards (BD 81.5 million) in addition to Improvement of Bahrain Gas Junction and Improvement of Highway 96 projects.

  • During the year of 2018, RPDD has accomplished the design completion and handover of Village and Major Road projects:
    • Lawzi PPP access Roads
    • Sanabis Village Roads
    • Jidhafs Village Roads
    • King Hamad Highway Improvements – Phase 1
    • Bridge 17 on Um AL Saad Avenue

  • RPDD provided design Support for ongoing Road Construction projects:
    • Halat Bu Maher Village Roads
    • Wali Al Ahed Highway – Phase 2 Improvements
    • Al Hussaya Access
    • Avenue 41 – Access to Education Area – Phase 1
    • Riffa Block 911 • Avenue 53 & 57 , Budaiya

  • Management of Strategic Road Project Design Consultancy:
    • AMAS Package 3 – Budaiya & Janabiya Highway Improvement
    • AMAS Package 4 – SIBSH Highway and Jasra Interchange Improvement
    • Mondolez Roads and Infrastructure

  • Road Safety Audit (Stages 1,2,3&4): The Road Safety Audit procedures were formalize by sitting guideline procedure and conducting several educational sessions for the Road Sector Staff. This will insure all road projects are equipped with road safety requirement to enhance traffic safety. The Directorate received and produced more than 160 audit reports. Awareness on the RSA and it procedure have increased among the engineers. These were reflect in the compliance report for each stages of audit. The percentage of compliance to the audit had shown a dropdown (75%).

  • Fatal & Serious Accidents Investigation: Aims to study the main causes of each fatal and serious accident and carry out traffic surveys and analysis the accident in order to come out with recommendation(s) to prevent and reduce number of fatal and serious accidents in future and to improve the road network. 38 fatal accidents were occurred in 2018.

  • Municipal Council: 102 requests were received, that related to traffic safety issue. Most of these requests are for: traffic safety studies, safety fence, pedestrian fence, pedestrian crossing facilities and speed humps. Site investigation carried out by Engineers/Technicians and municipal council representative if needed. For speed humps, sites are visited with speed humps comity that consisted from our representative, GDT representative and municipal council representative and a written reply issued accordingly with findings for all the above. More than 121 requests for speed humps in 2018 were receive and study by the speed humps committee from municipal councils and private sectors.

  • Public Complaints: more than 500 requests were received from public complaints most of them related to traffic safety studies, safety fence, pedestrian fence, pedestrian crossing facilities and speed humps. Site investigation carried out by Engineers/ Technicians

  • Traffic Signals The total number of signalised intersections in Bahrain is now 353. This year, the Group has commissioned twenty (20) new traffic signals and many junctions were opened to public after renovation. Construction works are progressing for 52 new junctions and pedestrian crossings. A total of 1,686 traffic signal service requests were received through different sources during this period and 75 % of these requests were attended within the proposed one hour response time. Apart from designing, commissioning and fault fixing, the Group is also responsible for routine maintenance of traffic signals. The routine maintenance includes cleaning and replacing damaged traffic signal street furnitures. This work is carried out through a local contractor supervised by our experienced staffs. This year for the routine maintenance, the Group had spent BD 129,948 /-.

  • ITS Infrastructure developments Variable Message Signs (VMS) and Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) network are being included in the scope of improvement projects.
    Variable Message Signs (VMS) offers the ability to convey information to drivers by concise visual media – Pictograms and Multilanguage text. It allows for driver re-routing in the event of an incident occurring upstream, reducing congestion, secondary accidents and journey times. Work is in progress for the installation of two Variable Message Signs on Dry Dock Highway. These units will be the first in Bahrain to be installed by Roads Affairs as shown in the above picture.

  • In 2018, Traffic Control Group had designed & review 87 Schemes of road marking & Signing using international standard & specifications. The group conducted surveys for all VIP & non VIP routes for the maintenance of RD Marking and signing and a work program with the cost estimate were prepared.

  • RPDD has completed a 144 km of road marking, 1650 traffic signs erection and a 115 km of Krebs paint. This Directorate has issued 2802 Traffic permits in 2018 for road works, which were supervised & followed up by Traffic diversions staff. These Permits for to Roads works, Sanitary works, electricity & water works…etc. All Traffic diversions studied and discussed with General Directorate of Traffic (GDT).

  • The group erected and maintained 235 Pay & Display Parking Meters in Manama & Muharraq. Moreover, a study was completed for supply & erection is 160 Pay & Display parking meters in Muharraq & Southern governorates. Traffic control group studied 867 complains & municipal councils request in 2018 for steel bollard, concrete bollards , traffic mirror , Traffic Sign , lane closure , parking reservation , road marking & kerb painting.

  • Project management: RPDD has done professional coordination tasks with other utilities and governmental authorities where the following were achieved:
    • Issuing and follow-up 350 Roads wayleaves and 12 Roads planning permission for road projects through the Website.
    • Study and providing roads requirements on 9071 utilities wayleaves and 92 planning permission for infrastructure projects.
    • Issuance and Study for 284 Inter Utility work request (IUWR).
    • Studying and passing 174 bill of payment for infrastructure works.