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Annual Report 2018
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Proud of Our Achievements

During the same period, the Works Affairs continued its approach to implement an integrated road plan up to the year 2021, covering all the development works of the road network in the Kingdom. In addition, the sewage sector will continue to build and operate the sewage system in the Kingdom’s governorates in order to meet the needs of the citizens, and to provide a healthy environment with the best services. A further point of interest is that, the Works Affairs will continue to construct building projects through designing the artwork and supervising the construction work while taking into consideration the application of quality standards and specifications of green buildings. The total number of projects implemented in the three sectors reached 41 projects, on top of a series of projects implemented by Term Contract Order (TCO)
The road sector has embarked on a number of strategic initiatives to support this plan according to the objectives of the road strategy, which is keen to make a remarkable leap in the performance of the road network. As well as, opening new paths for future development work, reducing the density of traffic congestion, enhancing the level of safety for road users, facilitating access to various areas in the Kingdom and creating more investment opportunities.
As part of the strategic projects implemented in this regard, the development of Alba and Nuweidat intersections (through the completion of the main works of the project, which includes the upper bridges of the intersections). In this context, the road sector has completed the development of Al Jasra intersection (Phase II), the extension of Wali Al Ahed Avenue to three lanes from Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman highway to Riffa Roundabout, and the access to Buri village from Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway.
The Ministry also undertook the revamp of villages and un-developed areas in Riffa Block 911; meanwhile, the ministry has worked on paving new roads in Shahrkan Block 1044, and Salambad block 714.
The Ministry of Works has also embarked on implementing the second phase of the improvement projects as part of the urgent solutions (Quick Wins) following the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister to solve traffic congestion problems across the Kingdom. These projects are part of a wider and more comprehensive plan to develop the Kingdom’s road network. The second Phase of Quick Wins included 15 projects, 14 of these projects have been completed with a total length of 29.5 km at a cost of BD 4,136,485,700.
For example;

  • The revamp of Al Mahzoora and Estiqlal Highway Interchange – Riffa
  • The expansion of the Airport Highway Interchange with Sheikh Salman
  • The addition of two left turns from Riffa Avenue to Muharraq Avenue
  • The addition of a left turn from the Dry Dock Highway to Hatim AL Taei Highway in Hidd
  • The expansion of Nasser bin Jabr Al Jabr Avenue in Seef District
  • The creation of a right lane from Wali Al Ahad Roundabout to Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Highway
  • The addition of a right turn at the Dry Dock Interchange (Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Causeway)

As for the sanitary engineering field, which works to operate and maintain the sewage system in various governorates of the Kingdom in order to provide a healthy environment to the citizens and residents. The sector has manage to complete a number of projects within the government work program, at the total cost of BD 3.983.364. Projects include: the wastewater network in Sadad village (Block 1038) through the extension of 4.7 km of the main lines, in addition to connection to sewerage networks connection works to serve the citizens in Zallaq block 1056, Al Mosal block 411,Dair block 231. Along with the transfer of the conveyor line to the sewage network of Hatem Al-Taie Avenue in Al-Hidd and the subnetwork sewage in Aali block 748.
In the construction and maintenance sector, which is responsible for designing and supervising of the government building construction by considering the quality standards and specifications of green buildings in order to ensure their safety and efficiency and extend their life span. These projects consist of schools, social centers and Government buildings
The ministry completed the implementation of Sorting Post Office Building at Hidd Industrial Area. The main purpose of this center is to manage all postal operations including the process of electronically sorting all import and export parcels to or from the Kingdom along with the related customs procedures. In addition, the ministry has Manage to complete Shaikha Mooza Bint Hamad Al-Khalifa Inclusive School for Girls at Jaw, Shaikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Al-Khalifa Care Center for Kidney Dialysis Patientsat East Riffa (Hunainiyah), Demolition of Customer Services Building for EWA at Manama and Madinat Isa Boys Primary School (Phase 2). Moreover, the ministry carried maintenance work at 25 government schools in different Governorate.
In conclusion, there is no doubt that the Works Affairs of the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning is proceeding with its program for the advancement and development of infrastructure under the support from our wise and beloved leaderships and the honorable government, to be able to continue serving our country and its people.

Essam Bin Abdulla Khalaf

Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs
and Urban Planning