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Annual Report 2018
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Construction Projects & Maintenance Sector Performance

Construction Projects Directorate

Completed Projects 2018

Sorting Post Office Building at Hidd Industrial Area

The building consists of two floors that contains main halls for sorting, Reception Hall and Offices for Bahrain Post and supported units. The main purpose of this center to fully manage all postal operations including the process of electronically sorting all import and export parcels to or from the Kingdom along with the related customs procedures.

Budget (BD): 2,568,812.830
Start Date: 13/3/2016 Finish Date: 31/10/2018
Client: Ministry of Transportations and Communications

Shaikha Mooza Bint Hamad Al-Khalifa Inclusive School for Girls at Jaw

The school consists of five main buildings with a height that varies between two to three floors, it accommodates 48 classrooms and caters for all educational levels; primary, intermediate and secondary students. It contains classrooms, laboratories, sport halls and all required functional facilities. Sustainability and energy saving application is considered in constructing this project. The objective of Ministry of Education of constructing such comprehensive school is to provide educational services to all levels in one integrated building.

Budget (BD): 10,847,560.00
Start Date: 12/7/2016 Finish Date: 19/12/2018
Client: Ministry of Education

Shaikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Al-Khalifa Care Center for Kidney Dialysis Patients at East Riffa (Hunainiyah)

A 60-Bed, 2-Storey Building consisting of Out-Patient Facilities and Support Services for Hemo-Dialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis including Medical Laboratory & X-Ray, Clinics and a Pharmacy to provide Specialized Health Care for Kidney Diagnostic Services and Treatment using the latest medical technologies to ease the life of patients.

Budget (BD): 6,085,000.00
Start Date: 12/6/2016 Finish Date: 15/11/2018
Client: Ministry of Health

Madinat Isa Boys Primary School (Phase 2)

The works comprise of demolition of existing boundary walls, all existing school buildings and pavements and construction of new boundary wall, car parks, and playgrounds along with all related external works.

Budget (BD): 4,646,471.458
Start Date: 10/10/2017 Finish Date: 9/10/2018
Client: Ministry of Education

Conversion of First Floor of Helipad Building into Offices for HID @ SMC

Conversion of the first floor of the existing helipad building into offices for Medical Information Directorate to accommodate 120 staff. Stability of the building structure including building glazing envelope is developed in a way that cater for helipad vibration.

Budget (BD): 822,059.228
Start Date: 31/2/2016 Finish Date: 08/01/2018
Client: Ministry of Health

Converting Engineering Store To Medical Store at SMC

The project is to rehabilitate the existing engineering store to utilize it for storing medical items, vaccine equipment and spare parts. Loading area for goads is provided.

Budget (BD): 1,164,522.570
Start Date: 1/9/2015 Finish Date: 21/07/2018
Client: Ministry of Health

Up-Grading the Air Conditioning System Of Lulu Commercial Mall at Manama Central Market

The project comprises of a new Central Air Conditioning System with an approximate 60 tons capacity.

Budget (BD): 94,000
Start Date: 18/11/2016 Finish Date: 24/08/2018
Client: Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning

Building Maintenance Directorate

Completed Projects 2018

General Repairs for (25) Government Schools

The project consists of execution of civil and structural maintenance works (such as internal and external painting, cracks repair, repair of ceiling and flooring, renovation of toilets and other works) and mechanical works (such as network and water tanks) and electrical works (such as replacement of electrical distribution board and lights, and other works)

Budget (BD): 1,798,036
Start Date: 2/5/2018 Finish Date: 31/8/2018
Contractors: M/S Dar Al Khaleej Trading &Contracting W.L.L; M/S Saraya Contracting Co.W.L.L, M/S Trass International Construction W.L.L, M/S Mohamed Saif Ajlan Al-Mannai Co.W.L.L. and M/S Al Moayyed Contracting W.L.L

General Repairs to Manama Handicraft Center (Stage1).

This stage consists of general repairs and painting to Block No.1 (offices, workshops & exhibition hall) which includes replacement of flooring and ceiling, renovation of toilets and other works as well as relative electrical and mechanical maintenance works.

Budget (BD): 76,239
Start Date: 1/11/2017 Finish Date: 29/6/2018
Contractor: M/S Mohamed Saif Ajlan Al-Mannai CO. W.L.L

Replacement of Existing Installed Chillers at Supreme Judicial Council in Manama

Project consists of replacing existing irreparable conventional Air-cooled chillers, Air Handling Units, Chilled Water pumps and Fan Coil Units with most energy efficient type. New installations of Building Management System, Internal Air Quality monitor, replacement of all associated Electrical supplies and civil works.

Budget (BD): 363,694.
Start Date: 4/6/2018 Finish Date: 26/11/2018
Contractor: M/S Al Moayyed Air Conditioning W.L.L

Renovation for Reception Area and Ground Lift lobby at Ministry of Foreign Affairs– Manama

The project consists of renovation works at reception area and various floors in Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Budget (BD): 79,700
Start Date: 21/12/2017 Finish Date: 15/08/2018
Contractors: M/S Trass International Construction

Civil, Mechanical Electrical, AC Maintenance Works to Al Bayader Kindergarten, Hamad Town

The project consists of miscellaneous civil, mechanical, electrical and air conditioning maintenance works at Al Bayader Kindergarten.

Budget (BD): 45,300
Start Date: 18/12/2017 Finish Date: 12/8/2018
Contractor: M/S Al Moayyed Conditioning W.L.L

General Maintenance Works at Public Prosecution – Manama

The project includes miscellaneous maintenance works and full renovation to several locations in Public Prosecution building.

Budget (BD): 79,300
Start Date: 5/3/2018 Finish Date: 26/8/2018
Contractor: M/S Al Moayyed Conditioning W.L.L

Maintenance Works to Bander Al Daar Fishing Harbor – Sitra

This project contains civil, mechanical and electrical maintenance works to improve the efficiency of the harbor.

Budget (BD): 79,000
Start Date: 3/12/2017 Finish Date: 15/5/2018
Contractor: M/S Al Moayyed Conditioning W.L.L

Strategic Projects Directorate

Completed Projects 2018

Air-Conditioning System for Manama Central Market- Phase 1&2

The project includes the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning and the operation and maintenance for a period of two years. The objective was to ameliorate the general appearance of the facility to better blend with the development and renaissance of the urban development in the vicinity and to provide proper ventilation and air-conditioning within the market to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer period. The first phase (the retail market) was completed in September 2017 and the second phase of the project (wholesale market) in May 2018.

Implementation (Under Construction)

Long Stay Care Cent

The Project includes the construction, completion, testing and commissioning, and maintenance of a facility that provides accommodation and medical treatment for patients who require longer recovery time and assistance. LSCC comprises of medical treatment section, non-medical section and the electro-mechanical services. The facility includes 100 beds, laboratories, pharmacy, x-ray room, physiotherapy unit, administrative support services, kitchen and laundry. The Master Plan of the whole Muharraq Medical Complex was completed in 2016. The construction work for the LSCC was tendered out and the contract was subsequently awarded to M/s Saleh Al-Abdullah Al Mahanna Company for Trading & Contracting. Work commenced in October 2018

Area Control Center

The Project features the latest technology in the air navigation and management system. It provides air traffic control within Bahrain air space, keeps pace with the rapid growth in flight information systems, and ensures that the air navigation services provided are of high quality standards, safety, and efficiency. The tender documents were issued to tender, the tenders received were evaluated and subsequently, the contract was awarded to M/s Al Jameel Construction WLL in October 2018. Work has commenced and the contract is scheduled to be complete within 18 months.